Easy way to install an APK file on Android

If you want to use an application on your Android mobile, it is necessary to install it previously. In a simple way you will learn to install an APK file on your Android since it is very important for those who do not know how to install it to learn it.

1- The first thing to do is go to the main menu of your Android and click on Settings.

2- Then once inside we must click on applications and notifications to access them.

3- Inside you must click on Advanced which contains Special App access and handles the permissions

4- Click on Special app access and select install unknown apps

5- Then you should look at the options you have on your mobile screen and choose to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

6- Once you have enabled the option that the application can be installed, you must choose the search engine that you use the most, such as Chrome.

7- Then an screen will open that will give you the option to click on a white round button to enable the installation of the application on your Android

8- Choose your favourite browser and download APK files from our incredible website.

1- The first step in this case is to go to the menu and find the icon called security to click on it.

2- Turn on the unknown sources button below the device administration.

3- Choose your favourite browser and download APK files from our incredible website.

What is an APK File?

It is an executable file of applications for android. An .apk file is a format suitable for installing on Android. In most cases these are games or applications. In order for you to use your applications, it is necessary to download this .apk file in the first instance and run it.

Why should you use an APK file from unknown sources?

New Android APK files were often leaked ahead of time, giving you access to exciting new features that might not be available to you otherwise. Also, some apps are limited in some regions outside of yours. And the APK file will be the only option for you to install apps if your Android device doesn't have access to the Google Play Store. So you have to enable access to unknown sources or you won't be able to install the APK file.
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